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Regardless of the type of riding you love, proper bike fit is key to comfort, enjoyment and performance.  Cycle Therapy offers professional bike fit services by a Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) - Certified Fitter to ensure an excellent fit on all types of bicycles.  At Cycle Therapy, experience, education and passion come together to make your cycling the best it can be.  And another bonus...the Size Cycle pictured below, distributed nationally and internationally, is manufactured right here in Twin Falls, ID!

Purely Custom Fit Bike


"As a competitive triathlete, I spend a lot of time in the saddle.  From early season base miles on a road bike, to long rides and time trials in the aero position of a tri bike, it is essential for my performance that I am comfortable mile after mile.  After a previous fit with another company and less than desired results, I was referred to Bob and the SICI fit of Cycle Therapy.  For me, the results after my fitting were immediate.  The adjustments that were made led to increased comfort and therefore longer, stronger, and more beneficial training sessions.  I would recommend a fit from Bob and Cycle Therapy to anyone looking to improve their riding experience.  From the recreational rider to competitive athlete, you will not be disappointed with a decision to be fit using this method!"

Eric -- Twin Falls


"I cannot thank you enough for my fabulous bike fit!  I have had other bike fits before, but none of them gave me the results and comfort I now have on my bike since I had my bike fit by Bob.  Since the fit, my power numbers have significantly increased and that nagging lower back pain I felt on rides prior to the fit are just a faded memory.  You were absolutely worth the 520 mile round trip it took from Utah to Twin Falls for you to work your magic.  Plan on seeing me this summer with cyclocross bike in hand for a fit as well!"

Kristin - Heber City, UT


"Several weeks ago I came in for E-Soles.  Bob helped and fitted me -- spending about 1 full hour with me.  Thank you for that!  Riding is once again fun -- without pain or numbness.  I appreciate your help more than you'll ever know.  Thank you."

Rachel -- Twin Falls

Please call Bob to schedule your professional SICI-Certified Bike Fit today: 208.733.1319

Serotta International Cycling Institute - Cycle Therapy, Twin Falls, ID


  • Serotta Cycling Institute  
    SICI believes that every cyclist, regardless of their ability, is entitled to ride a bike that fits their body and addresses their current and future goals.  Their primary goal is to provide educational services, tools and consulting to the bicycle retail, performance enhancement and medical community.
  • Purely 
    Purely Custom was created to bring expert designing and machining capabilities to the consumer.  The leader in custom engraved bicycle accessories, fit tools, awards, trophies & gifts.  The Purely Custom Fit Bike set a new standard in the bicycle fitting community when it was released in June 2010.  It made a name for itself as the exclusive fitting apparatus of Serotta International Cycling Institute for the first year of its existence.  The Fit Bike is now available to everyone, and fitters couldn't be happier.  The list of owners include many of the top names in the fitting industry, including Dan Empfield ( , Paraic McGlynn (Cyclologic), SICI, Trek Precision Fit,  and many more.  With the ever increasing numbers of fit bikes being demanded in the United States and worldwide, the Purely Custom Fit Bike is rapidly becoming the fitting tool in the cycling industry.

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